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          Open Up & Grow

          accelerating our business transformation

          our purpose sits at the heart of everything we do: we use the power of beauty to transform women’s lives for the better. 

          Open Up & Grow is the next chapter in our journey to amplify this purpose and ignite growth; driven by our talented people. 

          we will accelerate our transformation with a focus on commercial model optimisation, a relationship selling framework, brand and innovation relevance, and a digitally-enabled, omni-channel presence.

          the relationship social selling beauty company

          we use the power of beauty  to transform women’s lives  for the better.


          best beauty company for women.


          empowering, meaningful career experience.

          relationship selling

          open for all compelling, rewarding, personalised.


          smart beauty with a purpose, customer and representative centred.


          high touch and high tech anywhere, anytime, omni-channel.

          growth enabling

          sustainable, lean, replicable profit and cash generating.

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