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          breast cancer promise

          ensuring everyone knows the signs, knows the risks and knows how to take action

          we’ve been at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer since 1992, when the avon breast cancer crusade launched in the uk.  over the last three decades, with the avon foundation for women, we’ve donated more than us$939 million to breast cancer causes; educating 180 million people about the disease, and funding breast health screening for over 20 million women.  this has only been possible with the support of our community.

          why we focus on breast health education

          awareness of breast cancer is high, but many do not take the necessary action. this is because of lack of knowledge and confidence in what action to take, and perceived lack of time and urgency. we want to breakdown these barriers with breast health education. 


          join the boobwatch

          for breast cancer awareness month 2020, we’re calling on everyone to join the boobwatch – check for the signs of breast cancer, watch for change and know when to take action.

          if you don’t do it, you might not spot it. join the boobwatch and know the signs of breast cancer. if you know what’s normal for you, watch for change and see your doctor if you have any concerns. 


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          breast health aware

          breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women around the globe. though it doesn’t exclusively affect women, worldwide approximately two million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. 

          early detection of breast cancer saves lives. learn more about breast cancer risks, symptoms and how to take action. 

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